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Thursday 03/04/2019

At 5AM we have departed from the hotel in a minibus to the My Son ruins (around 50km – 1h from the city). The bus was late for around 15 minutes, apart from us there was another 14 people. On route we’ve been given a breakfast, 2 sandwiched with egg, ham and salad, no butter :/.

My Son looke amazing in the sunrise, the buildings are realy worth seeing, it looks like a miniature of Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia, in the middle of jungle. It was really worth getting up so early, sunrise, peace and beauty around.

There were not many tourists that early in the morning so exploring the ruins was really quiet and relaxing. Some of the buildings were very well preserved however many buildings were destroyed by bombings by Americans.

Whole visit took around 1.5h and we returned to the bus through the jungle using narrow pathes. It was 9AM when we were coming back and it was already very humid and hot, I can’t imagine how it’s there in the noon. Only half of the return journey was in the bus, in the middle of the journey we were transferred to a boat, and we continued on the boat towards the town on the river.

On route we’ve stopped in one of small villages where we found shop with handmade souvenires, made of wood. On the side of the shop there was a workshop where you could see how it’s all made. The most interesting and original were heads of elderly men carved in a root where root branches were forming the beard. These carvings were so interesting and positive I couldn’t leave without one, two actually, so they don’t feel lonely.

After the boat trip we were left in Hoi An port .

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